Excellence in Youth Sports Photography

Excellence is always the goal at Scott Housley Photography. Our mission is to be the best. We strive to create the best photos, provide the best service, offer the best products, and make the experience the best any player or team has ever had.

What Makes Us Different?

PHOTOGRAPHER: When you hire Scott Housley Photography, Scott Housley takes all the photos. An amateur, hourly employee will not be sent to do the most important part of the job. How many companies can say that?

APPROACH: Think about the difference between school pictures and photos from a high-end portrait studio. We take the high-end portrait approach when photographing our teams and individuals. For instance, your average sports photographer would use one, maybe two flashes to photograph a soccer team outdoors. We use four studio strobes (two for the face, one for the hair, and one for the grass/trees in the background).

TENT: Most sports photographers would do outdoor photos in the sun. We shoot outdoor sessions underneath an 18'x27' large tent, protecting us from the sun (harsh shadows), wind, and rain.

POSING: We provide trained assistants dedicated to help pose each player/team.

RISERS: We provide the best risers specifically designed for photography when photographing large groups/teams. They are portable, easy to set up/break down, and super safe.

MUSIC, SPORTS, and PHOTOGRAPHY: These are the three things that interest Scott the most. Don't be surprised to have some background MUSIC at your SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY session to lighten the mood and keep it fun!


  • Scott Housley takes the photos.
  • We take a high-end approach to high-volume sports photo shoots.
  • We use multiple studio strobes to create the best possible lighting.
  • We use trained posers to assist your child with their pose.
  • We use RISERS for large groups.
  • Music. Sports. Photography. You'll probably get all three. Fun!